Sports and Culture for PeaceEconomic empowermentNetworking

Sports and Culture for Peace

CECOE uses sports to engage various communities in conflict to embrace peace. We also organize cultural events to promote peace.

Economic empowerment

We train communities in modern agricultural practices that improve productivity.


We network with key stakeholders and policy makers.


Center for Community Empowerment (CECOE) began in 2007 as a Civil Society…

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CECOE’s vision of ‘Organising the poor to unleash their energy’ through community empowerment and poverty alleviation is…

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Our Achievements

Center for community empowerment (CECOE) has been instrumental in various areas of community development especially those geared…

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Some of our Donors and Partners include:

  • Government of Kenya (GOK)
  • IOM – International Organization of Migrations
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Center for Community Empowerment (CECOE) began in 2007 as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) focused on poverty alleviation among urban and rural communities in the Northern Rift Valley Kenya through social change approaches by embracing building community capacities on social, economic and leadership, peace building and national cohesion, right-based advocacy approaches, promoting research and networking with other like-minded organizations towards sustainable development.

CECOE operates in an environment that fosters respect, tolerance, peace and common action among all stakeholders in pursuit of social change, peaceful cohesion and economic wellbeing of all the people. We strive to act as a catalyst in the promotion of tolerance, mobilization of joint efforts to respond effectively to social economic needs of the people. CECOE works closely with communities to achieve these objectives and aspirations.