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Economic empowerment

In order to alleviate poverty among our target communities, we conduct training and provide support in micro-finance enterprises. We train them on how

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Capacity Building and Advocacy

At CECOE, we always aim to empower the urban and rural communities through economic capacity building that is aimed at sustainable economic activities

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Sports and Culture for Peace

CECOE has identified sports and cultural activities as important contributers to peace and conflict resolution. When the youth constantly engage in sp

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Educational Programs

CECOE offers Educational programs which aim directly at increasing…

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Environmental Conservation

CECOE is a champion in initiating and implementing environmental awareness…

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Health Initiatives

CECOE is instrumental in promoting change oriented training and…

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Peace Building

CECOE advocates  in areas of peace building by mainstreaming…

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Center for Community Empowerment (CECOE) began in 2007 as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) focused on poverty alleviation among urban and rural communities in the Northern Rift Valley Kenya through social change approaches by embracing building community capacities on social, economic and leadership, peace building and national cohesion, right-based advocacy approaches, promoting research and networking with other like-minded organizations towards sustainable development.

CECOE operates in an environment that fosters respect, tolerance, peace and common action among all stakeholders in pursuit of social change, peaceful cohesion and economic well-being of all the people. We strive to act as a catalyst in the promotion of tolerance, mobilization of joint efforts to respond effectively to social economic needs of the people. CECOE works closely with communities to achieve these objectives and aspirations.



Cecoe envisages in nurturing an empowered society where people exploit social and economic resources to achieve wealthy, healthy beings and society at large through fully exercised freedom, democracy and governance



To work with youth, women and the vulnerable communities with their local institutions towards empowering their capacities economically and social wise


Core Values

CECOE operates on values that influence the culture and public image of the organization as an effective civil society organization serving a wide variety of individuals and communities.

These values include;

  • Honesty and Respect
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Delivery of quality service
  • Equity and justice
  • Moral uprightness


Value Statement

CECOE is a non discriminative organization that upholds moral uprightness, good stewardship, transparency and accountability in delivering quality services to achieve sustainable development and ultimately achieve its objective of empowering the communities.


Economic Empowerment

In order to alleviate poverty among our target communities, we conduct training and provide support in micro-finance enterprises. We train them on how they can pool resources together, save them in local microfinance institutions/SACCOs, how to apply for credit facilities specifically for business enterprises, and how they can run their small businesses profitably.

We also support women and youth as well as people affected by drug and substance abuse on areas of counselling, rehabilitation and economic empowerment.



KVCO Partnership

In Baringo, CECOE works with Kerio Valley Community Organization (KVCO) in advocating for community rights in terms of natural resources, land issues and other development agendas. KVCO mainly advocates for improvement of the quality of life of marginalized and impoverished people of Kerio Valley in order to achieve sustainable socio-economic development and fair treatment of the communities by government and industry. This is done through lobbying, advocacy, dialogue, alternative dispute resolution and litigation so as to achieve sustainable socio economic development. KVCO is a party to the African Coalition for Corporate Accountability.