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Networking and Collaboration

Center for Community Empowerment  works in conjunction with grassroots organizations, institutions and social networks to organize and economically empower , preach peace and reconciliation as well as trauma counseling for people exposed to violence such as the post election violence and those affected by cattle rustling in the North Rift region in Kenya . Center for Community Empowerment connects people working from different approaches and ideologies, but who are all committed to fundamental social transformation and community empowerment formed to facilitate a coordinated, sustainable economic and social positive transformation. We work together with partners across the country to educate and inform about the value of peace and economic empowerment as well as to prepare youth and adults to work together to create positive change in the society. Innovation Center for Community is what we are.

In terms of Education Center for Community Empowerment works with schools, education agencies, and community organizations to promote meaningful student involvement in school improvement. Programs include student-led assessment, mapping, and action planning for school improvement; training for students and educators, and consultation in a variety of areas